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Quantity Surveying Services:


The Quantity Surveyor is a professional who works in the field of construction management by providing effective cost control for the project. A Quantity Surveyor is neither a Land Surveyor nor a Building Surveyor. Some clients who are not familiar with the Quantity Surveyor term often cannot differentiate between a Quantity Surveyor and Land Surveyor. Quantity Surveyors have adequate knowledge about Engineering, Construction Design, and Architecture. Quantity Surveyors help their clients to keep the project within budget and time.


Our Quantity Surveying Services: 


  • Client Budget Planning and Advice regarding building types and costs. 
  • Design Cost Estimate to determine if the design will fit the client's budget. 
  • Combining a Bill of Quantities with the quantities of every material to be used on the building. 
  • Pro-active project cost control throughout the construction process to ensure the construction of the building stays within the client's budget.