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Save 75% on design costs and buy ready designed building plans ready for Municipal Approval and Construction!! 

200m² 3 Bedroom South African Contemporary Tuscan Style Residence.
Standard Residence
R 5 500,00
The Design


The 3 Bedroom South African Contemporary Tuscan Style Residence echoes the traditional architecture of Tuscany, located in central Italy with a modern contemporary touch. Houses built in the Tuscan design style are slightly rustic yet very stylish, making them ideal for the South African climate, which is quite like the Mediterranean setting.


This design aims to satisfy the needs in the standard budget category but still provides very modern and stylish living space. With the open plan kitchen, dining area, lounge, and separate scullery this provides lovely living space for a 3-5-member family. The Master bedroom provides the comfort of a lovely walk-in closet between the bedroom and en-suite bathroom with enough space for a makeup vanity to fit in the closet space. The 2 secondary bedrooms are also spacious with enough space for a queen-size or two single beds. Both the master bathroom and the secondary bathroom can be equipped with a shower and a bath as per the family’s requirements. The Spacious double garage provides more than enough space for 2 vehicles and shelf space for storage.


The Energy Efficiency


Arch@Ease is striving in providing an eco-friendlier future for the generations to come and to reduce the carbon footprint we as South Africans leave behind on this precious world of ours. In all our designs we aim to provide the most energy-efficient designs within the SANS 10400 XA standards that fit our client’s budgets.


This particular residence was designed for the lounge, kitchen, bedroom 2, and master bedroom to face North to provide the best shading conditions in these rooms which mean warm in the winter months and cool throughout the summer. The roof with a 650mm overhang contributes to the shading factor of this house and provides shading over windows throughout the warmest time of the day to prevent solar heat gain into the house. We can provide the glazing elements of the house with double glazing to enhance the energy efficiency by many, but this will depend on the client’s budget as it will have a significant impact on the overall building cost.


Structural/Civil Engineer Designs:


As you are probably aware, all new building structural foundations, beams, and slabs must be designed by a Structural Engineer and the Engineering plans must be submitted with the Architect's plans for Local Authority approval and to be used for constructing the structural elements of the house.


GDL Consulting a sister company of Arch@Ease provides professional Structural and Civil Engineering services. On request, we can provide you with a quotation for the design of all structural elements on this house. 


This Ready Design Package Includes:

(Note: All documentation is in E-Format, at additional charges hard-copies can be requested.)


Architectural Building Plan Set:

(For Local Authority Approval and Construction.)


A1 Size Floor Plan, Electrical Plan & Schedule, Plumbing and Drainage Plan, Window/Door Schedule, Roof Plan, Elevation Plan, Section Plan, and Site Plan according to where the house was placed on the client Stand/Erf with all necessary service connections. 


Energy Report:


The Energy report includes the building Orientation Information, Shading Information, Fenestration - Area Calculations, Fenestration - Natural Environment Control, Services - Light and Power, Services - Hot Water, Floor Construction, External Wall Construction, Roof Assemblies, Air Infiltration and Leakage.


Architectural Documentation:


SANS10400 Form 1, SACAP Architectural Compliance Certificate, SACAP Professional Registration Certificate, SANS 204 & SANS1400-XA Energy Calculation Compliance Certificate, Local Authority Plan Submission Checklist.

Building Cost Estimate:

( R970 000 Was the estimated amount on this building which includes the Architectural Design, Interior Design, Engineering Design, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying,  Local Authority Approval Cost and Construction Cost)


Our free basic building cost estimate we provide is based on a square meter rate for Economic building designs and gets calculated within the perimeters of the specific residence. Keep in mind this is only a cost estimate to provide a guideline for your clients to plan their budget for the house. For a detailed costing on the house, our Quantity Surveyor can assist you with a detailed costing and combing a Bill of Quantities the building contractors can use to quote and tender on the construction of the building. This service will be available on request.


Additions to Design:


With this package, we include the free architectural design of a boundary wall, courtyard, and basic interior design for the electrical elements, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms according to the client's specifications. Any changes to the structural aspects of the building including walls, roofs, windows, and doors will be done at additional charges. 


Interior Design:


This service is available on request at additional charges for a detailed interior design according to the client's specifications on the kitchen cabinets and appliances, bedroom cupboards and furniture, bathroom fixtures and cabinets, and a Finishing Schedule on all Interior and exterior finishes ie. floor tiles, wall paint, lights, etc.



Please Note: It will be the client’s responsibility to submit the plans with the local authority for approval. Arch@Ease will make sure from our side that you have all the required documentation for submission.